Hello MIT Class of 2017!

Welcome to your Senior Week Website!

"When is senior week?"

Friday June 2nd to Wednesday June 7th

"What is senior week?"

Senior Week is the period between a week before commencement (June 2nd) and commencement (June 9th).
We, your senior week committee, will be planning fun events for the whole class which will take place during the dates mentioned above! Some events will be open to everyone, whereas for others we have more limited space, and so you will have to enter a lotter to secure a spot.
The idea behind these events is to give everyone in the class a kind of "one last hurrah" to celebrate and have fun with their classmates from the past 4 years before we graduate!

Who is eligible to attend Senior Week events?

Anyone who is graduating in the year of 2017 is eligible to enter the lottery and attend events, or anyone who was originally a member of the class of 2017. We will be enforcing this both by checking ids, and also by checking against a list of those graduating this year, in order to ensure that nobody who is ineligible tries to take spots at an event away from you.

Can I bring a non-MIT-2017 guest to Senior Week events?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough tickets to accommodate non-MIT-2017s. We view this as an opportunity to bond with our classmates, and are confident that you will enjoy the company of your fellow seniors throughout the week!

What do I need to bring to each event?

We will be checking IDs, so have your MIT ID on hand. We also recommend bringing a government-issued ID, in case venues require this for admission. Any 21+ event will be carded. Depending on the event, we will let you know what additional items you should/must bring.

What are the logistics for events with transportation included?

Our current plan is that if you are attending an event which includes transportation, please arrive at the Kresge bus bay 20 minutes beforehand, where there will be Senior Week members waiting to check you in. If you are not present 10 minutes before departure, you will forfeit your ticket and it will be sold to someone who is present. You will not be reimbursed for your ticket. If there are any changes to this policy, we will let you know.

What are the logistics for events without transportation included?

You are responsible for getting yourself to the venue, where a Senior Week member will check you in. If you have not checked in 10 minutes beforehand, you will forfeit your ticket and it will be sold to someone who is present at the venue. You will not be reimbursed for your ticket. Please plan ahead for traffic.

What happens if it rains?

Some of our events are weather dependent, so we will be in touch the morning of to let you know if those will still happen. If the venue cancels due to poor weather, we will offer reimbursements for the price of your ticket. We apologize in advance for any disappointments you may have because of rain.

What if I don’t get any events in the lottery?

Almost certainly not gonna happen. This year we’re planning to rig the lottery to guarantee everyone at least one ticketed event, so long as they indicate that they will be in the Boston area on a sufficient number of days when ticketed events take place. Apart from this, we encourage you to attend some of the class-wide events- we’re offering a lot this year! Check them out on the events page!

What if I want to switch sessions for an event?

Sorry, no can do. The way our lottery works, we’ve ensured that any tickets you get won’t overlap, and changing your session might upset the whole system. We hope you understand, and still enjoy your awesome events!

How soon after the lottery do I have to buy my ticket?

Lottery results will be released within a week of the lottery closing, and you will have ~72 hours to purchase your ticket. If you have not done so at this time, you will forfeit your ticket and all tickets will go to open sale.

Can I swap tickets with my friend?

Unfortunately, no. If you decide you no longer can or want to attend an event, we ask that you think of your class as a whole and give up your spot so it can go to open sale. We believe that our lottery will produce the best results, and swapping tickets with a friend does not ensure fairness to all. If you show up to an event with someone else's ticket, you will not be able to be checked in by the senior week committee members there.

Do I need to print out the receipt for each event?

No, you will not need to print a receipt for your events. A few events (like Improv Asylum) will require individual tickets- those will be handled individually. All other events will require you to check in with the Senior Week member, at which time you’ll board the bus or enter the venue.

Will there be photos taken during senior week? Where can I find them?

For some of the senior week events, we will be having photographers present, who will then post the photos for you all to see. However, at all events, members of the senior week committee will be present to take photos! And we'll be running the MIT Students instagram and snapchat that week, so you should check those out!