Senior Week 2018

June 1 - June 6

Welcome to Senior Week 2018!


Date Event Time
6/1 Skydiving 8:00 AM
6/1 Roller Rink 4:30 PM
6/2 Skydiving 6:00 AM
6/3 Skydiving 6:00 AM
6/3 F1 Racing 2:00 PM
6/3 Winery 3:45 PM
6/4 White Water Rafting 7:30 AM
6/4 Paintball 3:15 PM
6/5 Six Flags 8:00 AM
6/5 Skyzone 11:30 AM


Any person who is an original member of the class of 2018, or on the February or June 2018 degree list is eligible to enter the lottery and attend events! Unfortunately, no outside guests are allowed at these events as tickets are limited.


You will need to bring your MIT ID to our events. We also recommend bringing a government-issued ID in case venues require it for admission. All 21+ events will be carded. We will let you know any additional items that you may need for select events.


We will provide transportation for select events. Information about events that include transportation can be found under the events page.

Events with transportation:

Arrive at the Kresge bus bay 20 minutes beforehand, where there will be Senior Week members waiting to check you in. If you are not present 10 minutes before departure, you will forfeit your ticket and it will be sold to someone who is present. You will not be reimbursed for your ticket. We will let you know of any changes to this policy.

Events without transportation:

You are responsible for getting yourself to the venue, where a Senior Week member will check you in. If you have not checked in 10 minutes beforehand, you will forfeit your ticket and it will be sold to someone who is present at the venue. You will not be reimbursed for your ticket. Please plan ahead for traffic.

Ticket Policy

How soon after the lottery do I have to buy my ticket?

Lottery results will be released within a week of the lottery closing, and you will have 72 hours to purchase your ticket. If you have not done so by this time, you forfeit your ticket and it will go to open sale.

What happens if it rains?

Some of our events are weather dependent- we will let you know the morning of an event if a venue cancels due to poor weather. We will offer reimbursements for the price of your ticket in the case this happens.