Senior Week is run by the Senior Week Committee, which is a class committee. You can contact the Senior Week Committee by visiting the Contact page. Scroll down to learn more about the members of the committee!

Matthew Marquez

Hey everyone! I'm Matt, and I'm the chair of the Senior Week Committee! I'm a course 6-3 and a proud resident of Simmons Hall. I've loved my time here at MIT, and I'm excited to celebrate it with you all during Senior Week! We've got a lot in store for you, so get excited!
Judy Jiajing Wang

Hi y’all! I’m Judy, a 3A-6 minoring in Applied International Studies. When I’m not performing for Vagina Monologues, Roadkill Buffet, and now Jasper the musical, I can be found chilling in Burton-Conner with Yakult. I am super excited to celebrate the end of a tumultuous four years with a BAANG!

Margaret Bertoni

Hi everyone! I’m a Course 2 minoring in Public Policy. On campus I have been a part of the Society of Women Engineers for four years and the Varsity Fencing Team for three. I have also done logistics for Career Fair, and I am excited to put those skills towards planning an awesome Senior Week!
Simi Bright

Hey Everyone! My name is Simi, and I am a course 10. I love traveling and listening to music. I am super excited to be planning lit senior week events (let's turn up one last time before graduation)!
Stephanie Chou

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, and I am 2A6, with a minor in 6 because I don’t like coding but I want a job :). I love baking desserts while jamming out to Taylor Swift <3, and I love planning fun events!
Lauren Kroeger

Hi friends! My name is Lauren and I am course 2A/15. I am a member of Alpha Phi, love to travel, and enjoy binging Netflix and listening to music in my free time. I’m excited to help make this year’s Senior Week so much fun!
Radha Mastandrea

Hello! My name is Radha and I’m a course 8 major, MIT Bhangra captain, and casual theremin player. So excited to get to know all of you better through seeing you enjoy all these awesome events!
Reva Ranka

Hi friends my name is Reva! I'm a 6 & 15 double trying to find her way around this world (but I guess I'll settle for this campus). I mostly spend my time listening to groovy tunes (hit up my radio show!), and tryna live large this final semester.