Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just want to chat? Feel free to contact us! We're more than happy to answer any Senior Week inquiries you might have.

The best way to contact the committee is through email. You can reach the committee at senior-week-19@mit.edu. If you have inquiries for just the chairs of the Senior Week committee, you can contact the chairs at senior-week-19-chairs@mit.edu.

We also encourage you to connect with us on Facebook. Visit our page here.

We also may have a quick response for your question. If you'd like, review the FAQ down below.


Can I participate in Senior Week?

If you started with the Class of 2019 (September 2015) or will be graduating with the Class of 2019 (graduating in February or June 2019), you're eligible to participate in Senior Week. If you aren't sure, contact us.

Are subsidies available?

Yes! You can read more information about subsidies on the Registration page. If you have any questions, feel free to email the committee.

When can I fill out the lottery?

You can fill out the lottery between April 1 and April 10 at 5 PM as part of the registration form.

Do I have to be here for the whole week?

No, but you lose opportunities to participate in events, and you may be less likely to get events you want. Your availability affects the lottery.

What's the interest form?

There was a mandatory interest form available in February for the class to fill out. The interest form closed in February, so you can't fill it out anymore. Stay tuned for the actual lottery!

Is the interest form the same as the lottery?

No, the interest form is not the same as the lottery. The interest form is a non-binding form that helps us gauge interest in events and in no way affects final event assignment or commits you to attending an event. The event list on the form is not final, and the form does not guarantee events in any way.

Why do I have to fill out an interest form before the lottery?

The interest form helps us gauge who wants to participate in an event so we create enough spots for it and set an appropriate price. Unfortunately, we have limited resources, so we have to decide how to assign them. The interest form gives us some insight on how to assign them.

What happens if I don't fill out the interest form?

Not filling out the interest form can negatively impact your chances in the actual lottery. It is in your best interest to fill out the interest form.

Will I be able to get x event?

We can't guarantee any events. It's up to the lottery!

Is x event happening?

We can't make a guarantee about any events yet. A list of events will be available near March 22.