The goal of Senior Week is to bring the class together and celebrate our accomplishments. Unfortunately, we have limited resources. Our goal is to use these limited resources to maximize the happiness of the class and allow everyone in the class to get a fair share of the fun.

For this reason, Senior Week lotteries spots for certain events. There's a single Senior Week lottery for all lotteried events. The guiding principle of the lottery is to come up with an assignment that gives the class the best possible senior week while trying to be as fair as possible.

Members of the class of 2019 can enter the lottery by filling out a Senior Week registration form, available on the Registration page now. The registration form will be due on April 10 at 5 PM.

Lottery Policy and Information

The goal of Senior Week is to reconnect the class, celebrate the achievements of the class, and offer memorable experiences to graduating seniors. Unfortunately, there’s a limited amount of resources available to run Senior Week. The Senior Week committee has worked hard to make sure these resources are being used in the best possible way, but there’s still one more matter at hand: assignment of event spots. Our goal is to make sure spots are given in a way that maximizes the happiness of the class but still assigns things fairly. For this reason, we’ve established a lottery process to allocate Senior Week event spots for some events.

This year, there are actually three separate lotteries (both of which appear on the registration form): the standard lottery (which will include most lotteried events), the Cape Cod lottery, and the Casino lottery. The two trip lotteries (Cape Cod and Casino) are separated out to allow group tickets.

The standard Senior Week lottery is largely a maximization problem with some randomness added to make system more fair. We’re trying to maximize the overall happiness of the class. We utilize a multiple round random picking order system to come up with a single possible assignment. We randomly assign orders to members of the class at each round and have them pick, giving each member of the class their top choice that is still available. Once all members of the class have been selected, we shuffle the picking order again, giving those who were lower on the original order a higher chance of being picked during the shuffle. We create many possible assignments in this way and then calculate the “happiness score” for each. We ignore assignments that are below our threshold for happiness and then randomly select among the remaining assignments, where an assignment’s probability of being selected is proportional to its happiness score. (This is in place because (a) our happiness score is not infallible and (b) it’s entirely possible that there are two assignments with the same or similar happiness scores, and it’s only fair to randomly select between the two.) Members of the class may request the lottery code from the committee.

Because of the round system, any member of the class who ranks all events and is available for all of senior week can expect to receive at least one event from the lottery. It is in a class member’s best interest to be available for as much as possible during Senior Week.

The two trip lotteries will be run as typically lotteries (and not like the standard Senior Week lottery described above). Spots will be given away to those randomly selected first. The three lotteries are independent of each other. For the trip lotteries, groups of up to three may enter as a single ticket. If their ticket is selected, all members get to go. We have this in place to ensure that those who enter in groups do not get an advantage over those who don’t. An individual may not enter on multiple tickets or enter on a ticket and enter individually.

Any member of the class of 2019 may witness the lottery. We expect to run the lottery at 5 PM on April 11. To request to witness, a 2019 may email the committee. Lottery entries will be sorted alphabetically based on the entry owner’s last name. The lottery code will be fed entries in this order. We’ll be using the April 10 Powerball numbers as the random seed for the lottery. Due to some issues with our email getting out, we reopened the lottery until 4 PM on April 11. For this reason, we will be using a seed randomly generated at 5 PM on April 11 as the seed for the lottery.

Winning a ticket in the lottery does not give the winner a free ticket - the winner merely has gotten a spot in the event. The winner is responsible for paying the fee associated with the ticket should they choose to attend. If you receive a spot in an event in the lottery, you are entitled to refuse it and you do not have to pay for it. You can do this for a single event and keep your spots in other events. No student has a ticket for an event until it has been paid for. Event tickets go on sale for those who have been given spots on April 12. Tickets must be purchased by April 19.