OPEN SALES HAVE STARTED! You can buy tickets for single-session events directly on adMITone. If you want to buy a ticket for a multi-session event, you shoud read below. You can find access codes here. Read below for more information.

Registration for Senior Week 2019 is now closed. Registration was due on April 10 at 5 PM (extension was granted due to email issues until April 11 at 4 PM). Results will be sent out by email. You will receive an email for each event you lotteried into. We will also send out emails to those who did not receive events. If you do not receive an email by Sunday, April 14, let us know.

Ticket sales are happening now on AdMITOne.

You can confirm your registration on the registration spreadsheet that was sent out.

Open sales have begun! You no longer need to claim tickets first; you may buy single-session tickets directly. If you'd like to buy a ticket for a multi-session event, you may buy a ticket for ANY available session and then tell us using the Google Doc (not signup.mit.edu) registration/claim spreadsheet that was sent out (by putting your name in the claimed? column) which section you want. It is the session that you list on the spreadsheet and NOT the session that you buy a ticket for that you will be admitted to. The numbers for the sessions are off on adMITone, so we have this system in place. We are not selling tickets for Downeast at this time (even if there are tickets available).

You do not have to have entered the lottery to purchase tickets in open sale. You do not have to have completed a registration form, either. With that said, we do ask that you complete a registration form at some point if you are attending a ticketed event. In addition, the registration form is the only way to register for Toast. The late registration form is still available.

You may transfer tickets you've already paid for to another session by merely claiming a ticket in that session (you can swap sessions this way). Claim a spot in the session on the site above and then send us an email within 24 hours telling us you've already bought your ticket. You will lose your spot after 24 hours (but you'll keep the one you paid for), so don't wait.

Lottery ticket sales closed on April 19. Tickets received in the lottery are no longer held. If you purchase tickets for an event that you did not lottery into, you will not be able to attend and you will not receive a refund. DO NOT SHARE CODES!

If you received a subsidy, you should have received a list of discount codes. You can apply the discount by entering the provided code in the coupon section (look up your event's code in the spreadsheet you were sent).

Late registration is open for Senior Week now. Late registration does not allow you enter the lottery, but does allow you to register for Toast. You can find the late registration form here.

There was an interest form available earlier in the semester, but it has now closed. You may still register for Senior Week even if you didn't complete the interest form. Fill out the registration form!


We hope that all those eligible for Senior Week can participate without worrying about finances. There are free tickets available for Senior Week events. For any events that do not involve alcohol, we are setting aside a limited number of FREE tickets for each event. Since these tickets are limited, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. If your financial resources are very limited and you cannot afford tickets, we invite you sign up for the ARM Coalition (Accessing Resources MIT) roster. To be eligible for FREE tickets, sign up for the ARM Coalition Roster by clicking this link: https://engage.mit.edu/organization/arm. Next, click on the blue box that says “Sign In” , and then click on the blue box that says “Join”. From this roster, we will then add your name to the AdMITOne ticketing system for any FREE tickets that are available. Once you are on the ARM Coalition roster, your name will be entered into the AdMITOne ticketing system, and you will be able to select the FREE ARM Coalition ticket as an option in AdMITOne. Please be considerate of your peers, and only request FREE tickets if you really need them! For any additional questions about the ARM Coalition roster, just contact arm-coalition@mit.edu. The ARM Coalition oversees distribution of subsidies. Your information will only be shared with the ARM Coalition and not the Senior Week committee.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If an event participant cancels their registration before April 29, they will be eligible for a full refund, provided they pay a $2.50 processing fee. After that date, refunds are not guaranteed. The Senior Week committee will attempt to give the spot to another student, and, should the committee be successful in finding another student, the cancelling student will be given a full refund. If the Senior Week committee is unable to find a student to replace the student cancelling, the Senior Week committee will attempt to cancel the spot and get a refund with the primary event vendor. Should they succeed in cancelling and obtaining a refund, the student will receive the refund provided that the refund does not exceed the per person cost the venue charged Senior Week or the ticket price. The maximum amount Senior Week will refund a participant is the minimum of the ticket price, the primary event cost per person, and the amount refunded to Senior Week by the vendor. Senior Week will not request refunds from any additional vendors that were used for an event, including the transportation provider. Participants can only receive refunds for the parts of their ticket that went towards the primary event vendor and for events that had primary event vendors (some events do not have primary event vendors). Senior Week participants may request a list of events with primary event vendors along with their respective primary event vendors by emailing the Senior Week committee. Senior Week does not guarantee refunds after April 29, so any refunds issued are at the discretion of the committee (according to the guidelines above) and should not be expected.

Senior Week tickets may not be bought, sold, or transferred. If a participant no longer wants to use their ticket, they should inform the committee. Ticket redistribution will be handled by the committee.

You will not be refunded for an event ticket that you purchased but were not eligible to purchase.

There is a $2.50 processing fee for each refund.

You may request a refund here.